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506 days until I get my iron ring?

Why don't Tumblr users like guns? They can't handle triggers.

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Cackle cackle

You rock my soul, it’s all too much. NHL 15 is my new endeavor. Hold my calls. For like, forever. (x)

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Note to self: YOU DON’T NEED THAT BTS CECI PHOTOBOOK it’s only 26 pages, you don’t like the bracelet + IT’S WAY TOO EXPENSIVE nope you don’t need it 

Say this to yourself a hundred times: I DON’T NEED THAT OVERPRICED PHOTOBOOK

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Fire Emblem shirts!

So I just found a bunch of nice FE shirts (via a reddit post), and they’re pretty well priced too! Thought I’d share them with everyone!

1. Fire Emblem: Mark of Naga ($12)- just a really cheap one I saw

2. Marth Typography ($20)- BEAUTIFUL

3. Robin Typography ($20)- I play as FeMU, but I like this one more than the Marth Typography one! 


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[140909] Facebook Topp Dogg Official:

It has been started voting of MTV EMA!

ToppDogg is nominated the Best Korea Act!
Please vote ToppDogg for final nominee 

[How to vote for ToppDogg]
1. Use the “Twitter” application.
2. When you twit something, use the hashtag ‪#‎MTVEMA‬ ‪#‎탑독투표‬
3. You should use the hashtag both of it!

fan fest was insane today. got a selfie with carter calder ashton. got 8 more autographs for the jersey. 

best thing was that the fan fest tickets were free!